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Trump’s Audience Goes Silent As He Forgets Who The President Is

Trump once again forgot who the current president is during his campaign rallies before Super Tuesday.


Trump said, “And Putin, he has so little respect for Obama that he is starting to throw around the nuclear word.

Barack Obama is not the current president. The current president is Joe Biden. Donald Trump doesn’t seem to know this.

The inability to remember who the current president is has become such a standard part of Trump’s speeches that he is claiming that his cognitive decline is intentional.

The media has decided that Joe Biden’s age is a problem in this election, not Donald Trump’s, but it Trump who is demonstrating signs of serious cognitive decline. The corporate media is refusing to objectively discuss the ages of the two candidates and their relative fitness for office.

Trump doesn’t know who the current president is, but the media has no problem with it, but if Biden confuses a name of a leader of a foreign country, it is a stop the presses moment.

The coverage is absurd, but what is dangerous is the corporate media looking the other way at Trump’s mental decline.

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