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Public Opinion Is Hardening Around Biden

Charlie Cook: “The disconnect between the Biden White House, Democrats in Congress, and their party elites on the one hand and swing voters on the other is hardly a revelation.”

“But a recent poll presentation by a new Democratic group, Blueprint, funded by LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman, explained it very well. In an interesting poll briefing and annotated topline, the poll demonstrates how ‘misaligned’ the Democrats and Biden are, having put all of their eggs in the jobs basket when the public and particularly swing voters were far more concerned about the cost of living. Conversely, voters associated Trump and Republicans more closely with fighting inflation.”

“As I’ve written before, none of this is to suggest that this is Trump’s election to lose, merely that the magnitude of the challenge for Democrats is far greater than many realize…”

“Sure, a year is a long time, but presidential-race polling this year has not been particularly volatile.”

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