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Comedian Bill Burr’s Wife Flips Off Trump At UFC 295

Comedian Bill Burr’s wife, Nia Hill, was caught on camera flipping off Trump as he walked by her at UFC 295 on Saturday night.



The woman in the pic and video appears to be Burr’s wife, Nia Hill.

Bill Burr himself doesn’t look thrilled to have a traitor to American democracy walking so close to him, either.

The MAGA’s are claiming that Hill was just one upset person and the other tens of thousands of people were delighted to see Trump, but that is not true.

Trump can’t show his face in public places without being booed or told that he is going to jail. People flipping him off on camera doesn’t usually happen, but going back to his time as president, Trump would regularly get flipped off as he traveled in his motorcade.

Trump even got booed when he showed up at the Iowa/Iowa State football game.

Trump is the only president in American history to never have a single day in office with an approval rating over 50%, and it hasn’t gotten better since he left office.

The only places where Trump is universally cheered are Mar-a-Lago and Republican events. The majority of the country feels like Nia Hill, and no one will be surprised if that majority flips off Trump at the ballot box in 2024.

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