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Michigan AG Says Fake Electors Are ‘Brainwashed’

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) said that the fake Republican electors from 2020 that she charged were “brainwashed” to keep Donald Trump in power, and touted that their cases will get juries from a “very Democratic-leaning county,” CNN reports.

Said Nessel: “People talk a lot about, oh, why don’t you start flipping some of those people so that they can become witnesses against the remaining defendants, the worst-acting defendants? The problem is, these are people who have been brainwashed.”

She continued: “How do you flip someone who concedes that they did everything that they’re accused of doing, but what they say is, ‘we believe that we were in the right. We think that Donald Trump is the real winner of the election’ … They really legit believe that. They genuinely believe it. Somebody can’t even plead guilty if they wanted to, because they can’t admit that what they did violated the law, because they still think they’re right.”

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