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Total GOP Insanity As Ron DeSantis Is Sabotaging Kevin McCarthy

As Kevin McCarthy is trying to get a government funding bill passed, Gov. Ron DeSantis is meeting with House Republicans and urging a shutdown.

Politico reported:

The Florida governor spent about 30 minutes on the phone Wednesday with conservative Reps. Chip Roy of Texas, Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Bob Good of Virginia — leaders of the cadre that is pushing House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to embrace a shutdown if Democrats won’t agree to hard-right policy demands.

DeSantis’ message, according to a person familiar with the call: “I got your back. Keep fighting.”

The call is the latest signal that DeSantis is working to insert himself into the spending fight on the Hill in a bid to elevate his standing among Republican primary voters.

Ron DeSantis is pushing for a government shutdown to boost his zombie presidential campaign, which passed the life support stage long ago and has entered the realm of the walking political dead.

Gov. DeSantis doesn’t seem to realize that shutting the government down is not something that the American people support or enjoy. Kevin McCarthy is trying to pass a government funding bill while warning his House Republicans that they won’t win a government shutdown.

Ron DeSantis is both showing his desperation as a presidential candidate and his willingness to harm the country to help his campaign.

Whether it is Ron DeSantis, Kevin McCarthy, or Donald Trump, the Republican Party has revealed itself to be dysfunctionally insane and completely incapable of governing.

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