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The Best Things On Amazon Right Now

And just like that, the Amazon Prime driver is dropping off a few more shackets and sweaters and a few less swimsuits! With busy back-to school- schedules, we’re learning on Amazon a bit more for our finds! Take a look at our recent finds in today’s post!

Sweater [true to size, wearing in small in khaki] // Kut from the Kloth Jeans [52% off, size down one, wearing in 2]

Shacket [true to size, wearing in small in gray] // Faux leather leggings [LIYXSPANX for 10% off, size up if in between, wearing in small] // Boots [true to size]

Drawstring Dress [true to size, wearing in M in Coblockgreen]

Not only is this dress adorable, comfortable and easy to wear Spring through Fall with layering – IT HAS POCKETS!

2 Pack Golf Shirts [size up for a roomier fit, wearing in M but would prefer L] / Spanx Skort [size up, wearing in L] / Adidas Golf Shoes [true to size]

Criss Cross Hoodie [true to size, or size up for a roomier fit. Wearing in M in Pink] / Liverpool Christine Shorts [size down, wearing in 8] / New Balance 327 Sneakers [true to size]

Dress [true to size, color green] // Heels [true to size]

THIS DRESS. For under $45 you can have a beautiful (and did I mention COMFORTABLE) dress for a wedding or event! I was a little on the fence with the chain detail in the back, but I think I am okay with it! Wearing color green and I am 5’4″ for reference!

Amazon sweater [Sized up for a looser fit, wearing in large in A-Beige] // Jeans [true to size, wearing in 30]

Petite Joggers [true to size] // Crewneck [true to size]

Baby girl shorts set [true to size]

Sandals [size up if in between, color Blush] // Similar Bridesmaid Dresses [mine is old from Birdy Grey!]

This is your sign to wear flats to a wedding 😆 I was recently a bridesmaid in the most beautiful wedding where they got married on the street in front of her childhood home, then we all walked along the riverwalk to the reception venue! I am not a big fan of wearing heels normally anyways, but with a 9 month old and as someone who loves to hit up the dance floor 💃 these were the perfect, sparkly, and wedding approved sandals for the occasion!

Belt Bag

Hey LIY Fam! Skye here! This cute belt bag holds so much stuff – it has three zipper pockets and slots for IDs/credit cards and is a great size. I love this color combo but it comes in lots of different ones, including clear for concerts and games. A great buy for around $25!

Set [true to size, wearing L] // Sandals [size up]

Cocktail Dress [size up] // Similar Heels [true to size] // Clutch // Earrings

2 Piece Set [true to size] // Similar Shoes

Swimsuit [true to size] // Pants [true to size]

Eyelash Separator

Just wanted to share a little adventure I had recently. So, I was scrolling through TikTok and came across this super cool Amazon lash comb that promised to give me the lashes of my dreams. You know how those TikTok videos can be so convincing! The lash comb’s bristles were delicate and did an amazing job of spreading out my lashes. But my lashes are naturally super straight. So, while the comb spread them beautifully, the lifting part was a bit of a challenge. So, here I am with mixed feelings. On one hand, the lash comb did deliver on the spreading part, and I love how defined my lashes look now. But on the other hand, the lift factor is still a bit elusive for my straight lashes. It’s like a love-hate relationship – I love how it makes my lashes look, but I wish it could work a little more magic in the curling department.

Burts Bees Lipstick

Lately my lips have become super sensitive to any chapstick, lip gloss or lipstick! I decided to give Burts Bees lipstick a try, and I Love it! The color is great, and my lips don’t itch or become irritated! Going to try more of their products!

All Your Perfects Book

I started [and finished] this book in 24 hours — I loved it [tears, laughs, the whole bit] — a story of infertility, love, and the importance of communication in relationships. Highly recommend! ps. Just a note, if you are/have struggled with infertility, this could also be a fragile book to read – while I find myself in the early stages of that journey, I found the message to be a difficult yet powerful reminder!

Norwex Cleaning Cloths

Oh.Em.G. if you buy one thing today on Amazon, let it be these cleaning cloths! I will say, I was very skeptical at first with spending some money on these 2 “cloths”… but WOW. They are really magic! Leave the windex behind, no sprays needed here … just these 2 handy cloths and get your streak free cleaning fun on! Mirrors, windows, granite counters and more!! Simply wet/damp the grey cloth.. wipe down the surface you’re cleaning[in this case… bathroom mirrors] and follow behind with the purple cloth.. Streak free & dry baby!!!

Vitamix Blender

We’ve been on a smoothie kick all Summer long, and it was time for an upgrade in the blender department! I’ve hear so many wonderful things about the Vitamix, so I took it for a pulse… and I’m happy to report she’s a hot-blending winner in my book! She purées, blends – truly does all the things you ever want out of a blender! I’m excited to make soups this winter in her too!!

Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap Refill Jug

I love to easily refill my hand soaps with the Mrs. Meyer’s Jugs they offer at great prices! It’s one that lives under my kitchen sink and I can simply pour more soap into the dispensers as needed!

Garage Door Opener

Hands down, 100%, the best Amazon purchase I’ve made for our home over the last few years! I had this garage door keypad setup in less than 5 minutes, and it’s only $35! I don’t know why I waited so long to add one of these on!

Blackout curtains [white, 84″] // Curtain Rods [bronze] // Nursery Mountain Rug

My 9 month old is finallllyyyy starting sleep *a little* better [someone find me wood to knock on immediately]. Since installing these black out curtains in his room, naps have been MUCH better! There’s 34 size options, 30 color options, and you can’t beat the price! I mean, you get a 2 pack for under $30 😎 #win The curtain rods were super easy to put together and I love that you can fit it to your needs for length!

Slim Can Brumate [color: matte hunter]

Don’t mind me, sippin’ on cold High Noons all summer long thanks to my Slim Can Brumate! I love how cold this keeps my drink… 100+ temps, she’s ice cold with this Bru 😉

Airpod Cleaner Tool

A tool I never knew I needed, until I used it – YUCK! Glad to know my pods are all cleaned up now once I’m plopping them back into my ears!

Double Piercing Chain Link Earrings / Lightning Bolt Stud Earrings

I was recently gifted a pair of earrings by this brand on Amazon and instantly fell in love with the quality and price!! They were great for my sensitive earrings, affordable prices and I love the unique pieces they have! This double piercing option is so fun and I love the little lightning bold studs!

Kids Sticker by Number Books

We’ve been trying to find device free entertainment for our kids for long car rides and traveling and these have been a HUGE hit!! My kiddos have loved them and have spent hours working on them! I like that some of them are challenging but also help them to focus and do something outside of their Kindles!

The Summer of Songbirds

Have you read The Summer of Songbirds? View our recent Facebook Live of this LIY Reads book club book – and be sure to join LIY Reads for more book goodness!

Laptop Stand / Keyboard & Mouse

This combo of my new Laptop Stand and Keyboard & Mouse have been a game changer for my neck and upper back! The stand adjusts to be the perfect height for the chair I’m sitting in, and can easily transport to a higher counter if I want to stand to work, and folds flat so I could even take it to the office with me if I wanted! When I decided to get a stand, a keyboard and mouse were necessary. This set has been great for the last month of so I’ve been using it!

Pool Stain and Mineral Inhibitor

My neighborhood has so much rust in the water, and sometimes it ends up in the pool water. I have found that this product works awesomely on getting the metal out of the water and off the walls. I use i container for every 10,000 gallons of water.

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