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Joe Biden’s Gift to Jim Jordan

Playbook: “For the White House, it’s a burgeoning political nightmare that comes just as Biden tries to draw a contrast with the new House Republican majority, which the administration is eager to cast as chaotic and irresponsible.”

“For the GOP, it’s a belated Christmas gift, and Republicans are positively giddy. While the White House has done its utmost to distinguish Biden’s and Trump’s situations — both in terms of the breadth of documents as well as the manner in which both men cooperated with investigators (or not, in Trump’s case) — Republicans are confident they can chalk up those up to semantics.”

“They’re already adding this new line of inquiry to their mountain of ‘must-probe’ leads — and alleging that Trump is being held to a ‘double standard’ when compared to the justice system’s treatment of Biden.”

Tweeted Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH): “Where’s the raid?”

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