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How To Improve Your Conversion Rate

The most important thing to note when improving your conversion rate is that you need to be able to assess why your site or your content is not converting and then find a solution to solve it.

Here Is A Way You Can Assess Your Content To Improve Your Conversion Rate;

1.    A/B Testing:

Most conversion rate optimization involves a process which is known as A/B testing. It can also be called bucket testing or split testing. This testing involves the comparison of two or more versions of a web page to see which one gets the most conversion. Below are ways to do it;

2.    Decide The Kind Of Conversion Rate You Want To Test.

Either it is mailing list sign ups or you want to measure purchases or promotional email clicks ideas. Whichever one you want to test, be sure to measure one variable to avoid the results being hard to understand.

  • Find out the actual point you are losing your visitors: use any analytical tools you have at the moment. Maybe google analytics or user behavior whichever one is at your disposal. Find out whether your visitors failed to get to their cart or refuse to complete their cart.
  •  Think about the list of solutions or potential changes that might fix the problem. Maybe make your site more attractive for people to be glued in or make your “add to cart” icon bigger for your potential users to see.
  • Bring out the number of changes you wish to test at once and the one you want to test first. You can start with the ones you think are easy to implement or start with the ones you think will make a huge impact.
  • Get an A/B testing tool that will make the changes you want and send each user that visits your site the different versions. The original site can be the control while the new site can be the variation.
  • Come up with the duration you want the experiment to run for. This depends on how long it normally takes to get conversions. Allow the test to run for a longer period probably for a month to be sure the results are statistically significant.
  • Search through your results. if your variation worked, then you can implement it. If it’s the other way round, then change your strategy. If you are not sure of what the results are, then run the test again. Because inconclusive results may be a signal that you’re a/B testing didn’t get enough time to create more meaningful data.

You can run this process as many times as possible to get the exact conversion rate you want.  If you are unsure of which element to test, then trying to maintain good conversion rate can feel like you are just throwing things at the wall to see the one that actually sticks.

Tips To Improve Your Conversion Rate:

1.    Use A More Straightforward Language In Your Call To Action:

Try using active verbs like “buy” or “join”. Motivate your visitors to do something. You can as well rephrase the call to action to suit the visitor’s point of view. Use something like “yes sign me up”!. Straight forward languages like this can inspire them and make them feel connected to your site.

2.    Be Plain In Your Product Description:

Be very plain about how your product or services can be of benefit to the visitor. You can even show them why they can’t afford to miss out on not trying it.

3.    Add Testimonials And Reviews.

Research has shown that the majority of the consumers tend to trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Allow your customers to write reviews for your products and services so that others can know what to expect on your site. You can even add brand logos of any company that worked with your business. Adding online reviews and testimonials makes your product or services appear less risky to the visitors. It can also result in incredible improvement in your conversions.

4.    Be Sure To Include An Email Sign-In Or Shop Now Icon On Your Site.

Put the link above the fold right where your user’s will be able to see right away. Doing this will make users act quickly rather than waiting till the end of your blog or landing page.

5.    Do not Make Your Visitors Fill In Too Many Forms.

If your main goal is to build your email list and get enough signups, then try not to make your visitors fill in too many forms. Just request for their email or names. A long list of forms to fill can exhaust users and make them give-up easily.

6.    Avoid Distractions On Your Site:

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to delete all other things on your site. Still make your site look attractive but get rid of extra calls to action or menu items that does not lead to conversion

7.    Add Some Attractives On Your Site:

Try a few bonuses, email coupons or free webinars for your visitors. Try different offers for different groups of your potential customers since different ones work for different audiences. You can as well try customer surveys to know which type of attractives will go for your potential customers.

8.    You Need To Include Call-To-Action (Ctas) On Your Website:

Put more energy into ensuring your CTA stands out and attracts customers. Start with a straight forward CTA because it puts your offer in a positive light and can be highly effective. For instance, you can try using a CTAS that starts with “yes”. It brings more positivity to your site.

Now you can start increasing your conversion rate. But know that you only get one shot at making a good first impression. And that first impression can either win you a customer or lose you a customer. So ensure you do everything to make a good first impression.

Improving your conversation rate is an important factor to boosting your bottom line. As the business landscape is evolving, keep looking for new strategies to improve your conversion rate.

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