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The Cutest Yellow Items on The Internet Right Now

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It’s no secret the color yellow is near and dear to my heart. If you’ve been following along for awhile now, you’ve probably heard the story about how the blog got its name a few [okay, maybe more than a few] times. But if you’re new around here– welcome! Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Fun Fact: LIY started out as a gratitude journal. After documenting my daily joys for 365 days straight, I decided I wanted to continue the practice- virtually. Insert Living in Yellow. So why yellow you ask? Because to me, yellow = happy. When I wear it, I instantly feel my mood turn around. I feel more energized, full of life and have an easier time seeing the glass half full, especially when said glass has something delicious waiting for me inside.

So today we thought we would share some joyful, yellow finds catching our eye lately! So, let’s spread some joy and fill out hearts + carts with these yellow cuties! 💛

Stanley 64 oz Stainless Steel Stay-Chill Pitcher

Left Bikini Top // Left Bikini Bottoms // Right Bikini Top // Right Bikini Bottoms

Miller Sandal

OPI Nail Polish

Notch Collar PJ Set

Universal Thread Belt Bag

Two Drawer Nightstand

Spanx AirEssentials Half Zip [LIYXSPANX for 10% off]

Square Pillow // Lumber Pillow

Target Ribbed Tee

Lemon Casserole Dish

Blank NYC Romper

Personalized Phone Case

The Drop Maxi Dress

Shop more yellow items we’re eyeing:

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