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My Complete Baby Registry – Living in Yellow

Disclosure: Thank you to Babylist and Collective Voice for sponsoring today’s post. All products you see on my registry were hand-selected and researched by me!

One of the most “oh my gosh, it’s getting real” moments on this journey to motherhood so far has been creating and finalizing our registry. Nobody warned me about the amount of rabbit holes you find yourself in when curating a complete list of every single thing you think you’ll need, but have zero idea if you’ll *actually* need it, but also nobody warned me just how fun and fulfilling it would be to finalize your registry and stare at it over and over “ooohing and ahhing” just daydreaming about your baby in that new outfit, sleeping in their bassinet, and sucking so cutely on that little pacifier.

When creating my registry, I didn’t consider creating one[s] anywhere except Babylist. I’ve had several girlfriends use Babylist for their registry and heard them say how it is the easiest one-stop shop to put anything and everything [from any retailer!] all in one spot, which makes it insanely easy for the people in your life who are shopping for you, to shop. It made the process 10x easier to create as well. Their website and app points you in the direction of everything you need. I love that it even includes a registry checklist and tells you what categories you’re missing as you build your registry. The browser plugin that allows you to be on any website, hit the “add to Babylist” button, and categorize it within seconds on your registry list. Not to mention, their easy-to-digest “best of” guides for every single category helped me decide efficiently which items I knew were for us. In short, creating my registry took far less time and mental stress than I was anticipating, all thanks to Babylist. If you are expecting and putting together a registry, I would 1000% recommend Babylist. I think you’ll be equally as satisfied in your creation process as well!

A few other things I love about Babylist before we jump into what I registered for: First up, their Try-it Kits which are awesome to help figure out which bottle, pacifier, or diapers, your baby loves! I added several of these kits to my registry and think they make the perfect gift! Another handy tool for those shopping your list – their price comparison tool. Once you add an item to your registry, it will show your shopper all of the places that they can shop along with the price at each retailer to ensure your shopper gets the best deal out there!

Now, to the good stuff — the registry! Below you’ll see a snapshot per category of what I added to our little baby boy’s registry – whether you’re a new mama-to-be and need help making selections, or you’re shopping for a new mama, hopefully this will serve as a helpful shopping guide!

And there you have it! 250 items later [oops ;)] we’re ready [ish] for his arrival! Don’t forget to turn to Babylist for your registry if you too are expecting [and if that’s the case, YAY! congratulations, I am so excited for you mama!]

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