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The First Baby Products I Purchased

Disclosure: Thank you to Nordstrom and Collective Voice for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, purchased, and loved by yours truly.

Nothing will make reality set in faster that you are in fact, having a child in the next several months, than furnishing your home with high chairs, bottle sterilizers, baby monitors, and the list goes on. I think it was the assembly of the high chair that got me – I just kept staring at the tiny little chair trying to wrap my head around the fact that there will be a little baby in there smashing avocado all over their face in this thing in no time. Wild.

I’m not going to lie – the world of baby products can be [and is] quite overwhelming. How in the world am I [somebody who has lived nearly 40 years of her life sans kiddos] supposed to know what this tiny human will require? Thankfully, there are friends, family, and the greatest giver of opinions – the internet, for this. A month or so ago I asked on my Instagram Stories which ONE item you’d say is a must for a baby these days – I was flooded with responses, but quickly saw a LOT of overlapping responses. Well friends, insert the overlapping responses that I couldn’t say no to.

I turned to Nordstrom and their extensive list of baby products to get the job done. They carry all of the best of the best brands [seriously, no matter what you need for your little one, they most likely have it]! Add in the fact that it is ALWAYS free shipping and free returns [for up to a year] and well, it made purchasing directly through their site for these products was a no-brainer.

They aren’t kidding when they call this high chair an 8-in-1 highchair. It will literally serve our little boy from the time he is born through older toddler age with the different options for booster seats, to a table and chair to play at. Aside from the functionality, I love the aesthetic of it. I’m trying to be intentional about purchasing products that will blend in with our style so that all of the new baby additions around our house don’t stick out *as* much!

I never knew a stroller could make me so excited, but here we are and wow, I am excited. I stumbled upon the Cybex brand on Instagram when somebody I follow shared the brand and I instantly knew I wanted to give their products a shot. We ordered both the swivel car seat and then this stroller with a few different attachment options [I mean how cute is the bassinet?!] The product looks and feels super high end and I have zero doubts that we won’t love it.

This Baby Brezza bottle sterilizer [along with the formula maker] were two of the highest recommended products I was told about. This bottle sterilizer will hold 6 bottles at a time + it has extra storage containers for pumping parts and bottle accessories. Within 8 minutes all of your bottles are sterilized, making clean-up time a breeze!

We debated for a while which baby monitor we were going to go with, but after having enough people tell us how much they love the Nanit, we decided to take the plunge. It does have a lot of features designed to bring parents peace – from the app that will share everything you need to know about how your baby slept, their oxygen levels, growth, and of course, when they need you, it also has a nightlight, white noise, and 2-way audio. We did decide to go the floor stand route so that we can move the stand around the house should our babe sleep in different rooms from time to time.

Another top of the top most recommended baby products to us – the Snuggle Me Infant Lounger. It’s amazing how many moms say this immediately when I ask what they would recommend. Having the ability to lay your babe in this cozy lounger is a game changer [or so I’ve heard, especially when trying to use the restroom 🤣] Speaking of little babes, mine just gave me a big kick while typing this, I think he’s trying to tell me he already approves 😉

Last but certainly not least, you have to buy a few of the cute little things too, right? Shawn and I couldn’t say no to this adorable little narwhal pacifier. Based on how he was sucking away at his last ultrasound, I think he’s going to get along with this little guy quite nicely.

And there you have it – the baby products that I’ve been talked into [so far]. Don’t worry, I am sure there are MANY more headed our way. See more of my top recommended baby products, all from Nordstrom here:

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