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Trump Met Face To Face With His Favorite Judge Aileen Cannon

Trump isn’t required to be at the meeting with Judge Aileen Cannon, but he put in a little face time with the judge that he nominated for her current position.

Politico reported:

Former President Donald Trump arrived in federal court Monday to meet face-to-face with U.S District Judge Aileen Cannon for the first time.

As part of that process, Cannon scheduled a four-and-a-half hour hearing Monday with Trump’s legal team where they and lawyers for his two co-defendants were expected to present — outside the presence of prosecutors — the theories the defense may use at trial.

Trump was not required to attend the session Monday, but chose to do so anyway — continuing a recent trend on his part of showing up at court proceedings in an apparent effort to highlight his claims he is being persecuted.

Trump Attacks Every Other Judge In His Cases, But Not Aileen Cannon

Judge Cannon has been accused of working for Trump’s defense from the bench. She has been admonished by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals for her dubious rulings in Trump’s favor in the classified documents case. The current meetings, separately with the defense and prosecution, are being held to deal with classified evidence in the case.

Cannon has already ruled that Jack Smith must give Trump an unredacted list of witnesses, even though there is credible concern that giving Trump a list of witnesses could be dangerous for those people because Trump has a long history of witness intimidation.

Trump has not shown up at these meetings before, so it seems like he is trying to woo Cannon while also drumming up attention for himself.

Donald Trump’s campaign struggles to get any mainstream coverage unless he is in court.

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