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Slash the Cost of Your First Goldbelly Order by $15 With This Exclusive Offer

Looking for special treats to share with your special someone this Valentine’s Day? You don’t have to be a chef to serve up a delicious meal or take a special trip just to scoop up a deep-dish pizza from Chicago or a cheesesteak from Philly. Whatever your regional food of choice, there’s a solid chance you can have it shipped to you from, the online food marketplace. And if this is your first time trying the service, you can save $15 off of your first purchase of over $50 when you use the code CNET15 at checkout.

Restaurants, bakeries and other food favorites use Goldbelly to ship their most popular dishes to all 50 states. Is there a native New Yorker on your gift list who’s missing authentic NYC bagels? A southerner whose mouth is watering for hometown barbecue? A Mainer who hasn’t had good lobster since they left their home state? Hop onto Goldbelly and see which restaurants are participating.

It’s also fun to search Goldbelly’s Iconic Eats page. Angelenos like my husband will drool over Pink’s Hot Dogs, while New Orleanians might covet Muffuletta sandwiches from the famed Central Grocery.

Co-founders Joe and Vanessa Ariel list their faves on a page called Joe’s Picks, including the monstrously munchable Piecaken. Like the infamous turducken, which stuffs a boned chicken inside a boned duck inside a partially boned turkey, this dessert combines three different dishes. There’s pecan pie on the bottom, pumpkin pie in the middle, and spice cake plus apple-pie filling on top.

Indecisive? You can also search a regional map to see what’s on offer from different parts of the country. My home state of Minnesota might not seem like a food capital to many, but I’m seriously considering ordering some cheese-stuffed Juicy Lucy burgers from the famed 5-8 Club, or maybe a peanut butter cup sundae kit from my high-school hangout, Bridgeman’s Ice Cream.

Don’t sleep on this scrumptious deal, because this exclusive discount won’t stick around forever.

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