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Funimation to End: Here’s What You Can Do With Your Anime Account

Two years after merging content into Crunchyroll‘s massive anime library, Funimation is shuttering its app and website on April 2, the company announced on its website. The streaming platform is guiding customers through the process of closing or migrating their accounts.

Most of Funimation’s catalog has been folded into Crunchyroll, following the two brands’ merger under Sony in 2022. Housing what’s considered the world’s largest collection of anime, Crunchyroll says it has “more than 40,000 episodes.” For active subscribers who have not canceled their Funimation accounts and switched to Crunchyroll, the company says subscriptions will automatically be transferred, with some caveats. 

If you prefer to cancel your subscription and not sign up for Crunchyroll, do so by April 2. Should you miss the Funimation sunset date and want to cancel your merged subscription, you will have to do so via Crunchyroll. 

Read on to learn everything about the end of Funimation and what steps you may need to take for your subscriptions.

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How much is Crunchyroll and what will I pay?

Crunchyroll has four available subscription tiers, including a free version that excludes access to simulcasts in Japan. Three paid plans range in price from $8 to $15 a month, with different perks for each level. Mega and Ultimate Fan members can play games from the Crunchyroll Game Vault for free. Funimation has three paid subscriptions in the US: Premium, Premium Plus and Premium Plus Ultra.

Those with a Premium Funimation plan will have their accounts closed as that option isn’t available on Crunchyroll. However, you’re able to open a new Crunchyroll account and migrate your watch history and queue. Under the merger, you will automatically be billed according to Crunchyroll’s pricing during your next billing period, whether you pay directly through the streaming app or via a third party like Roku or Prime Video channels.   

According to Funimation’s help page, those billed by Roku will be enrolled in the “Crunchyroll Fan plan, and these changes will be reflected on your next billing cycle and charged to your current payment method on file with Roku. If you want to make any changes to your subscription, please visit your account settings through Roku.”

Crunchyroll subscriptions

Free Fan Mega Fan Ultimate Fan
Monthly price $8 $10 $15
Number of screens you can watch at the same time 1 1 4 6
Ads? Yes No No No
Mobile downloads No No Yes Yes
Digital manga access No Yes Yes Yes

How your information will transfer to Crunchyroll

For most users, your information will automatically merge. Fortunately, you will be able to log in to Crunchyroll with your Funimation credentials if you used the same email address for both. If not, you will have to contact customer service for assistance.     

In the weeks leading up to April 2, Funimation customers with no prior Crunchyroll account whose information has seamlessly been moved will see a confirmation box when they open the Funimation app. Your history and watchlists will transfer. The company is still in the process of migrating everyone’s data, so you may not see this right away.

If you already have a free or paid Crunchyroll account in addition to your Funimation subscription, you will need to verify the changes. Log in to Crunchyroll and choose one of three options: 

  1. Merge your watchlists and history from both apps.
  2. Replace your Crunchyroll information with your Funimation watchlist and history.
  3. Only save Crunchyroll information.

You’ll be prompted to save your selection or go back to the main page. Once you affirm your choice, you won’t be able to change it unless you contact customer support.

What to know about dubs and digital copies

Funimation was known for its myriad versions of dubbed anime. With the change, not every language is supported on Crunchyroll’s streaming service for dubs and subtitles. In that case, some viewers will see that content default to the language available in their country. However, users can adjust the audio settings by following these instructions.

If you previously have had digital copies on Funimation, it will disappear with the move to Crunchyroll, as the platform does not support it.  

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