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After Killing Bipartisan Border Bill, Republicans Demand Border Bill

After killing the bipartisan border bill in the Senate, Republicans immediately demanded a bill to address the border.

PBS Newshour’s Lisa Desjardins reported on what Senate Republicans like Lindsey Graham now say they want:

GRAHAM: says he is a no on starting on the Ukraine/Israel pkg until he gets a guarantee of votes on border amendments. Thus, confirming the impossible paradox of now. GOP is blocking Border + Ukraine together – and now poised (next vote) to block them apart.

To summarize:

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Republicans: We can’t vote for aid for Ukraine and Israel until we do something about the border.

Democrats: OK, let’s negotiate a border deal and aid for Russia and Ukraine.

(Democrats and Republicans spend months in negotiations.)

Democrats: Here’s the bill you wanted, Are you ready to vote?

Republicans: Donald Trump us that we can’t so no. We won’t support this bill.

Democrats: But, it is the bill you wanted.

Republicans: No.

Democrats: Let’s put the border aside for a moment and vote on Russia and Ukraine.

Republicans: No. We can’t support aid unless we do something about the border.

Republicans don’t want to solve the problem, but they don’t want to look like they don’t want to address the border, so they are playing games with Democrats.

Democrats need to walk away and let Republicans own this.

President Biden was correct. Democrats across the country should campaign on having a bipartisan solution to address the border ready to go, but Republicans said no.

Republicans must be left to drown in their hypocrisy and dysfunction.

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