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Nevada’s Rigged GOP Caucus

Philip Elliot: “The shambolic and distinctly undemocratic system is no accident. Republicans in Nevada—a swing state that is home to a competitive Senate race that could decide party control of the Upper Chamber—engineered this confusing outcome. The primary, which doesn’t include Trump and awards no delegates, is essentially meaningless. In political circles, there’s even a (sexist) term for such show events: ‘Beauty Contests.’”

“The real decision will be made at the Thursday caucus, where participants will decide the makeup of the 26 delegates who get to attend the GOP Convention in Milwaukee in July. Yet Haley, a former South Carolina Governor who is the last credible candidate standing between Trump and his third nomination in eight years, won’t be among the options…”

“Beyond the horse race, there’s a bigger headline that deserves to be blared from Nevada: this too-cute-by-half two-step is far from what anyone would consider democratic (with a lowercase D).”

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