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Fifth of Voters Will Consider Voting for RFK Jr.

A new Monmouth poll finds only 1 in 4 voters “express at least some enthusiasm about a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump next year and 1 in 5 may cast a vote for independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in 2024.”

“However, Kennedy’s potential impact on the race is uncertain, as he pulls support equally from both major party candidates.”

“In a Biden-Trump rematch scenario, just over 4 in 10 registered voters say they will either definitely (31%) or probably (11%) vote for the Democratic incumbent and, in a separate question, the same number will definitely (29%) or probably (13%) support the former Republican president.”

Also interesting: “Trump is doing a little better at holding onto his 2020 voters than Biden. Based on poll respondents’ self-reported vote in the last election, 91% of 2020 Trump supporters say they will vote for him again compared with 85% of 2020 Biden voters who say the same about him.”

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