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A Long Road to Super Tuesday

“The full 2024 Republican presidential primary schedule has finally come together, stretching from mid-January to early June. And at least in terms of calendar days, it looks like the early part of the race is going to be an unusual slog,” ABC News reports.

“In 2020, Democrats took 27 days to complete the early part of their primary calendar… This time around, Republicans are going to take a much longer time to get through the early contests. Overall, 41 days will pass from Iowa’s Jan. 15 caucuses to the completion of South Carolina’s primary on Feb. 24 — the longest it’s taken a party to go from Iowa to Nevada or South Carolina (whichever voted last) since Nevada became an early-voting state in 2008.”

“This early part of the GOP schedule will also feature some unusually long breaks between contests. Just how the lengthy and halting array of early races will affect the GOP contest remains to be seen, though.”

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