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Cozy Candles for Fall – Living in Yellow

Our favorite pastime? Sniffing all the candles! Okay okay, maybe it’s not our favorite pastime, but boy do we sure love finding the perfect scents! After giving TONS of candles, oils, and diffusers a whirl, we’ve narrowed down our favorites, just in time for cozy days this fall! As much as I wish this screen was scratch and sniff, you’re just going to have to settle with taking our word for it. 😉 Without further ado, here are our favorite cozy candles for fall…


It’s exactly as you would hope a Pumpkin Spice candle would smell – with scents of cinnamon, spice, clove, and pumpkin, this candle is a moderate scent that will make you believe somebody is baking your favorite pumpkin treat in the kitchen [without the calories ;)]

Lakeside Cabin Candle // Diffuser // Bundle [best deal]

The only scent you’ll find me burning [and diffusing] in our home this fall: Lakeside Cabin. It was so much fun to create this scent with Life in Lilac after trialing and erroring tons of options to come up with the perfect one! It will remind you of crisp autumn mornings and cozy fall evenings at the same time! Candles + Diffuser


Oh autumn woods, how I love you. For those of you who gravitate towards more woodsy scents, this one is for you. It has hints of balsam, apples, fig, and eucalyptus, it’s a candle both you and your man will love!

Candle – LIY10 for 10% off

This is an elevated take on pumpkin spice – by weaving in thyme and warm spices, it’s like a grown-up version of the classic pumpkin you know and love. The candle itself is beautiful and neutral for any space. This is also made of natural soy which allows for clean burning!

Warm Caramel Crumble Candle

MMMM the coziest scent for Fall 🍂 Fill your home with the scent of fresh baked goods with one little light!

Arkansas Candle // More States & Cities

Home will always be home no matter where you go, right? 💛 Katy here and I may live here in Indiana now, but being from Arkansas that will always truly be home to me 🥰 The LIY Team got me this candle for my birthday and it makes my heart so happy and mmmm it smells so good! The scent is described as “sweet pecans, cobbler and pie from the great Natural State. Signature scents of the Ozarks with notes of fresh magnolia, vanilla, cream and maple.” I think these are are a great gift for someone you know that may be missing home – available in almost every state and lots of cities! 

Cozy Cabin Candle

Cozy Cabin is warm, inviting, and instantly makes you feel like you’re in the fresh outdoors of fall! With scent notes of fir, cedar, sandalwood, and amber, it’s a mix of woods and warmth!

Momma’s Kitchen Candle

While Momma’s Kitchen isn’t officially listed as a Fall candle – it’s one that reminds me of Fall and is my all time favorite candle scent! I burn this one year round because I find it to be so comforting and it’s what I want my kids to remember their childhood home smelling like. With smells of apple pie, and feeling of nostalgia, I pull this one out again and again!

Voluspa Spiced Pumpkin Latte

Country Pear

This is my all-time favorite scent from Antique Candle Co. It’s light, but fills a room without being too overpowering. It’s fresh and fruity, but has sweet notes of vanilla too!

Capri Blue Volcano // Shop on Amazon

If you’ve ever smelled Capri Blue Volcano, then you know why it’s a LIY Community favorite! This one isn’t exactly a “fall” scent, but it’s light enough to burn year round and has notes of “tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens”. Not too fruity, not too mountain green-y. 😉

Autumn Oils Set

Warning — this set will give you alll the cozy Fall feels and make your house smell and feel like a Fall hug! There are so many options of oils you can diffuse but our favorite is Harvest Spice! You can also mix two oils together and customize your Fall scent or maybe you want your house smelling like a warm Snickerdoodle cookie [now I want a cookie]… Either way you won’t regret these scents, they’re incredible!

Santal Aroma Oil

Add a few drops to the water in your diffuser, and your home will be smelling like a 5 star hotel in a matter of minutes [seriously – it smells just like the 1Hotels!]. Just remember, a little bit goes a long way!

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