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Cheryl Burke Gets Candid on Moving on From Dating a “Narcissist”

But the podcast host is not opposed to dating a celebrity again, despite a highly publicized divorce.

“If they have the qualities I mentioned, I guess that doesn’t matter because again that’s not your identity,” she reiterated. “That’s not even in the tunnel vision of what I’m looking for.”

And along with moving on from her divorce, Cheryl also isn’t letting her career become her entire identity, despite her major success on the ABC competition show, dancing for 16 years and winning two mirror ball trophies. 

“The show didn’t identify who I truly am at all. It was a part of me, absolutely, and same thing with my relationships,” the professional dancer shared with E! News. “If you do define yourself by the outside world, it is so temporary. And then that’s when you feel the loss, the emptiness, the loneliness.”

Cheryl is putting in the work for self-love, sharing her goals of setting boundaries, manifest everything she wants and having more clarity on who she is.


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