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Donald Trump was interviewed by Kristen Welker, the new host of Meet the Press:

WELKER: I want to ask you about the case related to Mar-a-Lago. A new charge suggests you asked a staffer to delete security camera footage so it wouldn’t get into the hands of investigators.

TRUMP: That’s false.

WELKER: Did you do that? It’s false?

TRUMP: False. But let me tell you what else.

WELKER: Would you testify to that under oath?

TRUMP: Let me tell – sure, I’m going to – I’ll testify –

WELKER: You’d testify to that under oath?

TRUMP: Look, It’s a fake charge by this deranged lunatic prosecutor who lost in the Supreme Court nine to nothing, and he tried to destroy lots of lives. He’s a lunatic. So it’s a fake charge. But more importantly, the tapes weren’t deleted. In other words, there was nothing done to them. And, they were my tapes. I could have fought them. I didn’t even have to give them the tapes, I don’t think. I think I would have won in court. When they asked for the tapes, I said, “Sure.” They’re my tapes. I could have fought them. I didn’t even have to give them. Just so you understand, though, we didn’t delete anything. Nothing was deleted.

WELKER: So that’s false. The people who testified –

TRUMP: Number one, the statement is false. Much more importantly, when the tapes came, and everybody says this, they weren’t deleted.

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