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Anitta Shares She Had a Cancer Scare Amid Months-Long Hospitalization

Anitta is recalling a terrifying medical experience.

The Brazilian artist told InStyle she was hospitalized for “months” toward the end of 2022, adding that, at the time, she feared she had cancer. 

“I had problems in my lungs, I had a cancer [scare],” she told the outlet in an interview published Sept. 14. “I spent months in the hospital. Nobody could figure out what I had.”

Despite undergoing a plethora of medical exams, Anitta said her condition remained a mystery. The singer did not disclose any further details regarding her symptoms or illness.

Ultimately, Anitta was told to seek spiritual treatment, resulting in her getting in touch with a shaman, a spiritual healer. That’s when, according to Anitta, things began to change.

As she put it, “I came back completely changed.”

Afterward, Anitta—born Larissa de Macedo Machado—said any additional testing no longer showed concerning signs regarding her health. However, the ordeal marked a turning point for Anitta, who said she used the experience as a way to mentally empower herself.

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