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Everleigh LaBrant Reacts to Song “Like Taylor Swift” Blowing Up

Everleigh Rose is just got the most enchanting news.

More than a week after the 10-year-old released her now-viral debut song “Like Taylor Swift,” her mom Savannah LaBrant revealed the new track has already hit the airwaves. In fact, the influencer shared a video on her Instagram Stories Sept. 12, telling her daughter about her song’s major milestone.

“Everyone wanted me to film your reaction of this because it’s pretty cool. Are you ready?” Savannah said while picking Everleigh up from a dance class, before adding, “Your song is playing on the radio.”

The news prompted a shocked Everleigh to respond, “What?” to which her mom continued, “All over the world.”

As Everleigh further expresses her disbelief, Savannah adds, “Like, you could turn on the radio and it could possibly be on the radio. How crazy is that?”

Everleigh then declared, “Only like people like Taylor Swift are on the radio!”

Savannah then noted that the song is currently playing “in the U.K., in Norway, in Kansas” and in Guatemala.

“How cool is that?” Savannah concluded her message. “Congrats, kiddo!”


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