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The Official “No Razor Burn” Guide

Pour the margaritas and crank up the Kenny Chesney; sweet, sweet summertime is almost here! And with beach/pool/lake days ahead [helloooo, swimsuit season!] comes the dreaded shaving season. As a woman, I think we can all agree feeling confident in a swimsuit is difficult enough. The last thing we should be stressing about is red, painful bumps in our bikini zone [although you should know this is totally normal and you are NOT alone, my friends!]. If you’re someone who chooses to remove hair down there, you probably know all too well; the struggle is REAL when it comes to razor burn. That’s where LIY comes in!

Along with some help from Y-O-U, our online community, we’ve put together The Official “No Razor Burn” Guide to avoid the pesky [and painful!] bumps this swimsuit season. You can find all the advice from the LIY Community here!

The first [and arguably most important step of all!] is using a good razor. We tested 8 popular women’s razors and shared our thoughts here! Spoiler Alert: this one came in at 1st Place! Did you know you should replace your razor after 5-7 shaves? If you’re experiencing razor burn, try replacing your razor more often. A fresh, sharp blade is key! Pro Tip: shave at the end of your shower [when your hair is softest!] and in the direction your hair grows – shaving “against the grain” causes irritation!

Scrub-ah-dub-dub! Exfoliate your skin prior to shaving. This step will loosen your hair follicles and remove dead skin cells! We linked some of the top rated + most recommended scrubs by the LIY Community below! –>

Use a gentle, fragrance free shaving cream, oil, or gel! Remember to shave towards the end of your shower [when your hair is softest!] and in the direction your hair grows – shaving “against the grain” causes irritation.

Note: This oil is not fragrance free [it smells AMAZING!], but has been highly recommended by the LIY Community. If you have sensitive skin, we suggest trying a fragrance free option!

After shaving, be sure to use an aftershave product! We love this Tend Skin Solution with over 50K+ reviews on Amazon! Using a cotton ball, apply it along your bikini line after shaving [it’s made a world of a difference for me!] PS. This bottle will last FOREVER!

  • Press gently and shave with light, short stokes
  • Avoid pulling your skin tight
  • Rinse your blade frequently – after every pass!
  • Shave often – give your hair less time to grow & curve
  • After shaving, rinse the area with cool water or apply a cold wash cloth to the area to close pores
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothing after shaving as it can cause irritation

Here’s to a Smooth Girl Summer! If you’re still struggling with bumps and irritation, we get it. Shaving down south isn’t for everyone. If you’re ready to break up with your razor, you can check out our guide to nine at-home hair removal products here! –>

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