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Walmart Employee of 16 Years Says She Was Fired For TikTok Video

Maybe some things are left between you and your place of work.

A Walmart employee in Florida is alleging that she was fired from her job after she created a TikTok video showcasing her day at work — and it went viral.

In the clip that’s been viewed over 290,000 times, the worker takes viewers through a 13-hour shift during “inventory day” when she and her coworkers go back and forth between shelves on the floor and the stock room.

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“This is the worst inventory I’ve ever done in like 20 years of [working at] Walmart,” she says defeatedly. “I’m on three and a half hours of sleep, I worked 17 hours yesterday and obviously day 9 out of 10.”

She then explains how employees have to go through and recount every item that the inventory team has counted in order to make sure that the numbers match up.

“13 hours later we finished,” the employee, who is named Steph, tells viewers. “I did not stay for the numbers, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be good. So that’s a wrap, I’m f*****g exhausted, I broke f*****g nails, so peace out, day 10 tomorrow and then vacation. Lord help me, I feel like I’m dead.”

Though the former employee did not specify what about the TikTok led to her being fired, she mentioned in a later TikTok that the President of Walmart had reportedly viewed her videos.

“The Walmart secret apparently,” she captioned her inventory video, inferring in the comments that she got into trouble for showing what Walmart employees do during the process.

“And Walmart thinks that’s a secret??? That’s how all big box stores do inventory,” one user said.

Others warned of the potential implications of using social media in the workplace.

“Never, never record yourself working while at work or anything that has to do with work or you will be fired,” one viewer said. “It’s just a company thing.”

The former employee confirmed through other videos that she was at the company for 16 years and is currently filing for unemployment.

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