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Biden Calls House Speaker Dumpster Fire Embarrassing

President said that the inability of House Republicans to elect a speaker is a little embarrassing and that the world is watching.

Video clip of President Biden:

According to the White House pool report, as provided to PolitcusUSA, the President was quoted as saying, “That’s not my problem. It’s a little embarrassing it’s taking so long, and the way they are dealing with one another. The rest of the world is looking. What I am focused on is getting things done. This is not a good look, this is not a good thing. I hope they get their act together.”

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If President Biden is going to be waiting for House Republicans to get their act together, he is going to be waiting for a very long time.

Kevin McCarthy has put his ego ahead of what is best for the country and the House as an institution. The fight on the House floor is an embarrassment to Congress, the American people, and the nation’s democratic institutions.

As of publication of this story, Kevin McCarthy was in the process of losing his fourth straight vote to be the next Speaker of the House.

President Biden was correct. Republicans are embarrassing the country. The House can’t function, and the nonsense needs to stop.

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