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Get This Intriguing AirPods 3 Alternative for $28

I never tried the original Fiil CC earbuds, but the next-generation CC2 apparently improves on the performance of the originals, with better battery life, rated at five hours on a single charge, and no audio latency issues when watching videos. They originally listed for $70 (ignore the $100 list price), but are now down to just less than $28 when you clip the extra 5% off coupon on Amazon.

I personally don’t use open-style earbuds that often, but these did stay in my ears better than the standard AirPods. They pair quickly (they’re equipped with Bluetooth 5.2), there’s a Fiil companion app for tweaking settings and they sound pretty decent for open-style buds. (With open-style buds you tend to lose a little bass, especially in noisier environments as ambient noise leaks in.) They’re also decent for making calls and have touch controls. 

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Their specs say they’re sweat-resistant, so you can use them to work out, but I didn’t see an IP rating, so I assume the water resistance is on the lower side. One of their distinguishing features is their open case, which makes it easy to access the buds and put them back in their case. Thanks to some integrated magnets, they stay in the case securely — you can turn it upside down and the buds won’t come out. Unlike the AirPods, these have square, not rounded stems, which seems a little weird at first, and they do fit in your ears slightly differently to AirPods as a result. 

My 13-year-old kid forgot her AirPods on a trip last year, so I loaned her my Fiil CC2 sample, and she gave them her stamp of approval. She thought they were a good deal at their discounted price, though probably not at their list price of $70. I agree.

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