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It’s Still About Trump

New York Times: “Sure, Mr. Biden rattled off the accomplishments of his first year and a half in office — infrastructure, gun safety, prescription drug price controls and ‘the most important climate initiative ever.’ But in his address to the nation, Mr. Biden tacitly acknowledged that his predecessor still looms over the politics of the moment, like it or not. And he took it to Mr. Trump directly, calling him out by name and seeking to differentiate between ‘the MAGA Republicans’ loyal to Mr. Trump and what he deemed reasonable Republicans who still stand by the American democratic experiment.”

“Midterm elections are usually a referendum on the party of the president in power, especially when that party also controls Congress. But Mr. Biden and the Democrats are betting that if they can make this November a choice between Democratic and Republican control, they can win, or at least keep their losses to a minimum. Mr. Biden’s speech was all about making the choice this Election Day between what he called ‘the light of truth’ and ‘the shadow of lies.’”

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