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DOJ Believes Trump Had ‘Nefarious’ Plans for Top Secret Documents

The most obvious question everyone had upon hearing that Trump refused to give over Top Secret-SCI documents is, “Why was he willing to risk having them? Why did he need these so badly? What did he intend to do with them?” And most of us, knowing Trump, suspected it all led back to money because everything about Donald Trump always leads back to money. It is a chilling thought because the only way to get money from Top Secret nuclear documents is to sell them to someone willing to pay a lot of cash, and those aren’t usually American allies.

It turns out DOJ has those same concerns, at least according to the Washington Post’s invaluable Phillip Rucker, who says the DOJ suspects Trump kept the files for “nefarious purposes.”

“Step back and try to think about this because there is a lot going on, and it’s all heating up right now. I think we’re right to be talking about this Mar-A-Lago raid a lot, and that’s because the FBI agents had to go out there and spell out examples of crimes they think Trump or his allies committed in Trump’s residence, and a judge agreed that there is possible cause. I mean, it’s right there. This is pretty serious.”

Yes, serious enough that a serious crime is near complete upon simply possessing them. But they go farther:

“Now the question that I have and legal experts have that I talk to have said is, did the FBI just want the documents badly enough to go in there and get them and then they’re done or do they think there was some kind of misuse, and yesterday’s hearing, I thought, in court, reading a little bit of the tea leaves underscored that the FBI and the Justice Department are concerned that something nefarious was going on.

There is still an ongoing case. We’ll mess up our prosecution if we keep this going. That is the No. 1 case to follow, and after that there is another Justice Department investigation into Jan. 6 that has hundreds of defendants, and they’re looking into President Trump’s words and actions regarding the Electoral College votes, and we could talk more about that in a minute. But it is a big one.”

“Ongoing case.” The DOJ and FBI aren’t “done” by simply getting the files back and determining whether to charge Trump with illegal possession. There is “more to the case.” Rucker is right. There is almost surely an investigation into what Trump planned to do with the files, and – it’s possible that Trump’s intentions forced the raid to occur when it did.

One other consideration. Rucker is probably the Washington Post’s most elite reporter. It is more likely than not that he will hear things on background, stuff that he cannot share regarding those nefarious purposes. But he can point out that the hearing itself should be interpreted as an indication of a larger, ongoing case that is investigating those nefarious purposes.

Rucker then went on to point to this case as a “big one,” implying that it’s as big as the January 6th case. This site is solidly on record, stating that it is very possible that this case could be a more serious crime than J6, which is saying quite a bit.

But with respect to “nefarious activities,” let’s set up a hypothetical. Let’s just hypothetically say (because we have NO evidence) that Saudi Arabia’s MBS wants a nuclear weapons program. And again – hypothetically, let’s say that MBS promised to take care of all of Trump’s money problems (loans at Deutsche) if Trump could just get him the specifications on America’s nuclear weapons. Let’s say Trump agreed, sold the plans, turned copies over, and now Saudi Arabia is building nuclear weapons based upon U.S. technology, which will be under the control of a monster like MBS, changing global security. That is one extreme hypothetical as to “nefarious purposes,” but it’s not out of the question, and it would be more extreme than January 6th because it could endanger lives across the world.

Bringing it back to what we know? The FBI continues to investigate “this case,” the case of the files, and that indicates that they believe there is more possible criminal behavior than simply having the files, nefarious motivations, and plans as to what to do with the files.

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