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Why Whitney Port Is in a Better Place Amid Health Struggles

And although the reality star is thankful for those who have her best interest at heart, she isn’t so keen on listening to the outside chatter.

“It’s hard when people talk about it without me being involved or say it in a certain way that is a mean tone,” she continued. “I always feel like that is unnecessary, but I’m always appreciative of the support.”

As for how the 38-year-old handles the negative comments?

“I’ve learned it’s best to just do your thing,” Whitney explained, “make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and not pay attention to all the comments because that whole narrative, the more you get involved, the more that it spirals and becomes bigger than it has to be. So, quieting the noise on there helps quiet the noise in your own brain.”

The With Whit podcast host, who has also been vocal about her struggles with depression in the past, shed light on where some of those hard times stemmed from.

“I lost my dad 10 years ago and my life totally changed,” Whitney recalled, “and my perspective on things totally changed and that definitely made me a more anxious person that had a gray tint on things that was slightly depressed.”

Yet, the star tries to steer clear of labeling herself, noting, “I think that just making sure that you are doing the things to bring yourself happiness and joy each day and that, those times will happen. S–t happens, life happens. We’re all going to deal with tough stuff, but learning the tools to get out of them is the most important thing.”

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