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Cameron Robbins, 18-year old star may have been attacked by shark

Cameron Robbins, a baseball star in Louisiana, had just graduated high school and was preparing to go to LSU in the fall. To celebrate, he went on a sunset cruise in the Bahamas on a tourist ship called the Blackbeard’s Revenge, where another passenger apparently dared him to jump overboard.

According to an account by Inside Edition, Robbins jumped. When the boat crew threw a life preserver down to him, Robbins reportedly swam away from it and disappeared moments later. That’s led to speculation a shark may have attacked the teen.

“A life preserver was tossed in the water after he jumped off the ship, but he swam away from it. And the next moment, he was gone. There is speculation Cameron may have been trying to get away from a shark after video captured a shadowy image in the water. A shark sighting could also explain why the Louisiana teenager simply vanished in the water.”

Robbins’ teammates and friends have held a vigil for him in Baton Rouge.

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