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Hakeem Jeffries Rips The Mask Off And Shows The True Faces Of House Republicans

At his weekly press conference, House Democratic Leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) showed America the real faces of House Republicans.


Jeffries said:

I think that it’s an incredible contrast that on Wednesday extreme MAGA Republicans in the House defend, coddle, and continue to play footsie with serial fraudster George Santos, and on Thursday they want to impeach the President Of The United States of America, the FBI director who was appointed by a Republican president, and the Homeland Security Secretary.

And who is the face of this effort?

Marjorie Taylor Greene.

House Republicans have increasingly become the party of Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and George Santos. That is a very sad state of affairs.

Republicans can pretend that they want to move away from Donald Trump, or that they don’t want George Santos in the House, and that Nancy Mace is more representative of their caucus than Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The truth is that Republicans in the House are carrying out investigations that are intended to hurt Biden and help Trump, and Marjorie Taylor Greene has been elevated to being the face and mouthpiece for the House Republican caucus.

Republicans can hide it. They can even try to deny it, but Jeffries was correct. The true face of the House Republican caucus is embodied by Trump, Santos, and Greene.

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