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How to Increase Alignment and Productivity with the OKR Framework

When it comes to clearly setting and communicating organizational goals, most business leaders aren’t great at it. But it’s not due to lack of effort. While company leaders will talk about what’s important to them in the coming business cycle, the message often gets lost because it lacks a clear framework that succinctly says what’s important. This can leave individuals and teams feeling lost or confused about their company’s goals and the impact of their work.

A recent poll found only 28% feel fully connected to their company’s purpose. Let’s fix that.

Join us for a free webinar called How to Increase Alignment and Productivity with the OKR Framework, presented by Oracle NetSuite and Entrepreneur. Leading the discussion will be moderator Terry Rice. He will be joined by Arthur Wittman, a Content Director at NetSuite.

The OKR framework provides a structure for setting high-level Objectives and subsequent Key Results that leaders expect their organization will meet. Once leaders have set clear expectations, business units can use that information to create their own OKRs, followed by teams and even individuals.

During this event we’ll discuss how OKRs are being used in businesses across the globe. We’ll also share some good – and not so good – examples that will help you understand how this framework can help your entire workforce align their actions with company-wide goals, even during turbulent times.

Join us for How to Increase Alignment and Productivity with the OKR Framework live on Wednesday, May 17 at 3 p.m. EST | 12 p.m. PST.

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