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Trump Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine

David Graham: “Not that long ago, the idea that a former president could be indicted for a crime was a topic of dread, even for those who believed that charging Trump was justified or even prudent…”

“The point is that there was a robust debate. Somewhere that slipped away. Plenty of commentators still argue that charges against Trump will have dangerous effects or are simply not justified by the facts, but the conversation is now academic. Identifying when the switch happened is tough—was it when the FBI search turned up so many presidential documents at Mar-a-Lago? Or when the Fulton County grand jury completed its work? Or when Jack Smith was appointed?—but a prospect that once seemed remote has, through long discussion, become nearly inevitable.”

“In a way, Trump has fallen victim to his own trick. During his first campaign and his presidency, he would introduce some astonishing concept, weather the initial backlash, and then repeat it until the population had become numb to it… And after all, it was Trump who first normalized the idea of prosecuting a rival presidential candidate.”

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