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Republicans Secretly Added Matt Gaetz To Jim Jordan’s Select Committee

Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan secretly added Matt Gaetz to their select committee to smear Biden and help Trump.

Republicans added Gaetz to the committee with no public announcement, but inserted it into the congressional record:

Rep. Gaetz has been under investigation for various crimes including the sex trafficking of minors for years, and he previously expressed a desire to investigate the FBI if Republicans took over the House majority.

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It is a safe guess that one of Gaetz’s conditions for ending his blockade of McCarthy becoming speaker was that he be allowed to serve on the select committee. The Select Committee was also one of the conditions that the Never Kevins demanded in exchange for their support.


Under Kevin McCarthy, the House is operating in so much secrecy the GOP majority doesn’t announce additions to committees to the public. House Republicans are intentionally trying to make sure that the American people do not know what they are doing.

It is the height of abuse of power to have the target of a federal criminal investigation using his congressional oversight authority to chill potential investigations.

This is the state of Kevin McCarthy’s corrupt and crumbling House majority.  It is as if Republicans know that they are going to lose the majority in 2024, so they are out to abuse their power as much as possible before voters toss them out.

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