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MLB Analyst Roasts Angels Owner Over Decision To Stay

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A few months ago, in late August to be exact, Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno announced his intention of exploring a sale of the team.

Many fans reacted positively to the news: after all, the Angels haven’t made the postseason since 2014 and they are eager to see a change.

Yet, this week, Moreno announced he is backing down on the idea of selling the franchise.

He won’t explore that option anymore and will, instead, keep leading the Angels and the destiny of the franchise.

An MLB analyst, Dan Szymborski, blasted his latest decision.

“It’s like Arte Moreno read an ‘Arte, I think we work best as friends’ letter left by the fans but he took it way too literally, completely missing the intended meaning. The fans are more than happy to let him part ways,” he tweeted.

In his statement this week, Moreno said that during the process of exploring a sale, “it became clear that we have unfinished business and feel we can make a positive impact on the future of the team and the fan experience.”

The disconnect between ownership and the fans is evident: they just don’t want Moreno as the owner and were looking forward to discovering who was going to be their new leader.

Moreno backing down not only disappointed the fanbase, but also can be seen as a red flag by potential buyers in the future.

No one knows for sure what happened, but Moreno must not have liked the offers he was getting for the Angels.

Can he salvage his relationship with supporters and be, at least, competitive in 2023?

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