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Love Is Blind Creator Responds to Lack of Diversity Accusation

Coelen further explained that putting together a show like Love Is Blind is more difficult than most viewers might think. 

“It is really easy for people who don’t have a complete understanding of what goes into this process to have points of view about the process. And I think that’s great,” he said. “We all should have our own point of view about the process. All I can do is be authentic, tell the truth and, in doing so, create an amazing platform and opportunity for people to effect real change in their lives if they choose to do so.”

In October of last year, Speed spoke out about the lack of diversity on Love Is Blind‘s third season.

“I don’t like how LIB be cutting all the black women,” she wrote on Twitter Oct. 24. “How come they are always in the trailer but not the show…”

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