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MLB Analyst Details An Intriguing Lucas Giolito Change

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Change is natural, even in baseball.

In fact, we are tempted to tell you that change is, in most cases, necessary when it comes to MLB.

When something is not working and it has been tried for long enough, it’s time to change.

This might seem to be the case with Chicago White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito.

One of the most consistent pitchers in baseball from 2019 to 2021 with ERAs in the mid-3.00s, Giolito’s performance fell off a cliff last year, when he finished at a disappointing 4.90.

His mechanics looked a bit out of whack at several points of the season, and he just wasn’t the same.

2023 will be a walk year for him, meaning that he will hit free agency after the World Series.

He wants to be closer to his best version, so he worked hard over the winter to make some much-needed changes to his delivery.

As MLB analyst Danny Vietti says, Giolito is using a new arm slot.

In the “before” video, Giolito’s delivery seems over the top, whereas his new slot appears to be closer to a three-quarter delivery.

This is usually done to clean up mechanics and make it more simple, which helps with command and also is less impactful on the arm.

With the new delivery, Giolito also seems to be easing his landing knee off some stress.

In short, his new mechanics look simpler, and simplicity is often good, particularly in MLB pitching.

Pitchers don’t want to overcomplicate their deliveries too much.

Let’s see if the new mechanics help him regain some of his best form.

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