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Summer House Trailer: See Lindsay & Danielle’s Friendship End

The friendship between Bravo BFFs Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera is cooling off in a big way.

The Summer House season seven trailer is here, and the dramatic first look finally reveals what caused the rift between two of the show’s longtime pals.

It appears Lindsay’s whirlwind romance with co-star and now-fiancé Carl Radke caused some tension as Danielle states in the preview, “To get engaged right now, would be crazy.” Lindsay later tells Danielle, “Maybe we won’t get engaged when it’s appropriate for you,” to which her former friend replies, “You’re getting so f–king defensive it’s annoying.”

After Lindsay claims Danielle “bashed’ her the “entire summer,” Danielle explodes, “I don’t talk s–t about you, I say it to your f–king face!”

As Danielle breaks down in tears over all the drama, Paige DeSorbo delivers some tough love by telling her, “You were a very good friend to them, do they give you that?” Danielle later states, “This is beyond repair.”

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