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4 Fantastic Careers to Consider with an RN to BSN Degree

After many years as a registered nurse, you might feel eager to advance your skills, expand your career, and enter a more senior healthcare position.

If so, an RN to BSN could open the door to countless occupation opportunities to grow your skills, tap into a passion, boost your job satisfaction, and increase your annual salary.

If you are unsure if the program is the best next step for you, you would be wise to learn about the different paths you could pursue once you graduate.

Here are four fantastic careers to consider with an RN to BSN degree.

1) Nurse Manager

An online RN to BSN degree will provide the knowledge and skills needed to flourish in a senior nursing position.

After all, you will receive training on leadership, management, nursing policy, global health concepts, and common nursing issues, which are skills that will set you up for success as a nurse manager.

If you pursue a career as a nurse manager, you will supervise a unit of talented registered nurses and be responsible for maintaining patient care.

Also, you must recruit and train incoming nurses, organize various schedules, and create realistic budgets.

As you will command a team and guide them to success, you must possess a calm and collected demeanor, exceptional leadership skills, and the ability to find and execute effective solutions in a crisis, such as understaffing or a medical emergency.

2) Public Health Nurse

If you would prefer to pursue a nursing career that will impact community and not one facility, embark on a career as a public health nurse.

After graduating from a university with an RN to BSN degree, you could enter a public health nursing role at a federal organization, a city health department, or another establishment.

It will be your primary responsibility to promote and protect the health of a population.

3) Nurse Educator

As a nurse educator, you must shift your mindset to promoting your nursing knowledge and expertise.

Your new goal will be to train new nurses to ensure they possess the correct skills, knowledge, and confidence when entering the role.

After completing an accredited RN to BSN degree, you will deliver hands-on training in one or more settings, such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Extended care facilities

It is a fantastic path for those with extensive nursing skills and a passion for teaching.

Also, stay updated on any changes in the nursing field to improve medical standards.

4) Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical nursing specialists are registered nurses who have taken the time to earn an RN to BSN degree.

As a result, they can specialize in a specific patient care area, such as mental health or oncology, enabling them to accurately diagnose and treat various conditions.

Thanks to their advanced knowledge and patient-oriented approach, they will work alongside registered nurses at patients’ bedsides to maintain exceptional patient care, improve healthcare standards, and ensure positive outcomes.

It is a perfect path for a detail-oriented, professional, and flexible registered nurse.

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