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Wizards of Waverly’s Zeke Explains Move to Adult Entertainment

Dan Benson is getting candid about an X-rated change to his career.

The 35-year-old, who played Zeke on Disney Channel‘s Wizards of Waverly Place, is now an OnlyFans star. He explained in a new TikTok what led him to work in the adult entertainment industry.

“Basically, when I was on the show Wizards of Waverly Place, I would get messages from people all the time, some of those being women that I found incredibly attractive,” Dan explained in his Jan. 7 post. “Turns out, messaging those women, who turned out not to be who they said they were, was not the best idea, because I would send nude photos to them and they would take those nude photos and then post them onto online websites.”

Dan recalled that eventually his photos and videos were “all over the web.” Calling the experience “pretty traumatic,” he noted that he tried to get the footage completely off the internet.

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