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New Year, Don’t Care: 23 Must-Haves For Winter Hibernation

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Hello, and welcome! So happy to have you here at this, the new annual gathering of people who know that, in all honesty, the New Year doesn’t mean a whole lot.

I mean, the calendar doesn’t know it changes, right? And it’s not like the weather does, either. What I’m saying is: To many (which presumably includes you, dear reader), January 1 is just the first day of another month. It’s still the middle of winter, and that’s about it.

Not everyone sees it as an opportunity to make big commitments they won’t follow through on now and subsequently berate themselves for later. Not everyone wants to resolve to seize the new year.

Some just want to slouch, sloth, and slunk their way into it. And this list is for them. 

Now, I present to you: 23 essentials for just plain hibernating in 2023. Put on your comfy socks, refill your chip bowl, and settle in for a good ol’ shopping sesh. Resolutions? I don’t know her.

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