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The 2022 Eater Awards Winners, City by City

In the lead up to the publication of our national Best New Restaurants list, which drops tomorrow, behold the 2022 Eater Awards. The annual tradition sees Eater editors in cities across the country plus London name the best restaurants, bakeries, pop-ups, and other standout food businesses in their cities. These are the spots that have driven conversation and drawn hungry diners over the past 12 months.

The specific honorifics are wide ranging and unique to each city. Atlanta’s fish-market-slash-fish-restaurant Fishmonger is declared a breakout hit, while Eater LA recognizes Korean-American restaurant Yangban Society for displaying the most impressive transformation. Austin, fittingly, has a best food truck this year in taco truck Con Todo. And in Philly, Machine Shop’s perfect croissants earn it the award for best bakery. Rather than honoring the generic best, these awards call out the most exciting restaurants and food businesses for a very particular time and place. Case in point: Eater New York awards perpetually buzzy Bonnie’s the best restaurant for the end of the world.

Below, click through to see all the year’s openings worth a visit the next time you’re visiting these 20 Eater cities.

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