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What 2022 Tells Us About the 2024 Electoral Map

Politico: “Iowa, Florida and Ohio — each of them carried by former President Barack Obama as recently as 2012 — weren’t really considered core battleground states in 2020. Now, after Republican blowouts in those states this fall, they should be removed from the 2024 discussion altogether.“

“At the same time, strong Democratic midterm performances in New Hampshire and Minnesota — a state which offered former President Donald Trump a rare offensive opportunity in 2020 — suggest they might not be worth contesting in 2024. Minnesota, which some Republicans regarded as a Trump sleeper state in 2020, turned out to be a mirage…”

“For Democrats, perhaps the most important midterm revelation of all was that the party is well-positioned to defend its ‘Blue Wall,’ the term applied to a northern tier of 18 states, stretching from coast to coast, that appeared to provide a structural advantage for a Democratic nominee — at least prior to 2016, when Trump blew it up.”

I’ve reset the 2024 electoral map. Leave your reactions in the comments.

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