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Cozy Up Your Mattress and Save Money on Heating

The winter means expensive heating bills. Prepare for the upcoming cold months by turning up the warmth and comfiness of your bed. Snuggle in extra blankets and other winter bedding products to decrease the amount spent on heat this season.    

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6 ways to cozy up your mattress

Small changes to your bed can prepare you for the coziest sleep during the winter. Here are some easy ways to warm yourself up at night.  

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Up your sheets

The first step when warming up your mattress should be changing your sheets. Most sheets are made from lightweight cotton, which is great in the summer but won’t do much to keep you warm in the winter. Opt for flannel sheets made of soft, woven thread. Flannel will trap your body heat but won’t make you sweat through the night. For the holidays, look for Christmas flannel sheets. My favorite flannel sheets are from Brooklinen.

Change out your duvet insert

If you use a duvet at night, try an insert made of warmer material. This easy change can turn up the warmth of your bedding. Look for inserts made of goose or duck down feathers, wool or down alternatives. These materials lock in heat to keep you warm during the night. Also, you could consider a warmer duvet cover. Flannel, fleece and microfiber covers are great winter options. 

Add a quilt to your bed

A simple throw blanket or a quilt at the foot of your bed not only looks great, but can also keep you extra warm at night. A quilt paired with a comforter or duvet is a simple addition that helps retain heat at night. Look for quilts made of cotton, polyester or wool.  

Wear warm pajamas 

What you wear to bed matters almost as much as what is on your mattress. During the cold months, you can avoid turning up the thermostat by wearing warmer clothes to bed. Long-sleeved shirts or comfy pants will keep you toasty at night. The warmest pajamas will be made of flannel. For the holidays, look for a Christmas flannel shirt to wear to bed. 

Layer extra blankets

If you are already a hot sleeper, warmer bedding can make you sweat in the middle of the night and interrupt your sleep. The best thing for hot sleepers is layers. Add extra blankets to your bed, but make sure you can easily peel them off in the middle of the night. If you’re a cold or neutral sleeper, try a weighted blanket or even a heated blanket. These additions can be used with your preexisting comforter. 

Try a mattress topper

Mattress toppers are great additions to your bed. Not only do they make your mattress more comfortable, but if you use a topper made of certain materials, it can also warm you up at night. Memory foam, wool and fleece are great options for warm mattress toppers. There are even electric heated mattress toppers available.  

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