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The Nets Might Want To Make A Huge Move

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Everyone knows that the Brooklyn Nets have faced a lot of controversies lately.

Yes, the drama around Ben Simmons‘ up-and-down season hasn’t been good and the firing of head coach Steve Nash came with a lot of drama too.

Of course, Kevin Durant‘s offseason trade demands and future with the team are always in the news too.

But it’s undeniable that Kyrie Irving and the firestorms he creates are perhaps the biggest dark clouds over the team.

Therefore, it’s not too surprising to hear the latest from NBA reporter Sam Amico: the Nets “would like” to move Irving.

We don’t know how serious the Nets are about this idea, nor how quickly they might move on making it a reality.

But it’s becoming more and more likely that Irving’s time in Brooklyn could be coming to an end.


Kyrie Saying Goodbye

Chris Haynes recently spoke about Irving possibly leaving the Nets, saying any deal to move him won’t be that easy.

“I can’t sit here and lie to you and say there’s much value in trading for Kyrie,” Haynes said on the Dan Patrick Show.

He mentioned that the trade value for Irving has plummeted, even among teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, who were asking about the star player during the summer.

So how can Brooklyn make any sort of package for Irving if other teams aren’t eager to sign him?

That means that the Nets might want to trade Irving but could be stuck with him.

Or, they might have to take a much weaker package to move Irving, depending on how desperate they are.

Of course, perhaps Irving plays really well coming out of his eight-game suspension and the Nets decide to keep him around and attempt to mend fences and leave the past in the past.

But, right now, it sounds like they want Irving to wave goodbye.

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