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Is Staying Remote the Best Thing for Your Business?

As companies begin to return to an office setting, many founders of remote-based businesses are wondering if they need to follow suit. Remote setups were vital to keeping businesses going during the worst days of the pandemic, but is it incumbent on leaders to get their employees back in person to get to a next stage of growth? Not necessarily so, says Terry Rice, a business development consultant and contributor at Entrepreneur. “Being remote brings all kinds of benefits, from recruiting talent to low overhead,” he says. “The key is being open and honest with employees about good and bad news, and keeping people connected on a human level — just because there is no water cooler doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be talking about fun things like TV shows they’re watching.”

In this video, Terry meets with Alyssa Monroe, who runs a digital-first marketing and communications firm for beauty and lifestyle brands and creators. She shares many of the questions that company leaders have at this time about running remote companies, such as:

  • How do you keep a virtual staff engaged?
  • How do I maintain growth while staying virtual?
  • What are the advantages to remote offices that most people don’t think about?

Watch the video above to hear Terry’s answers to these questions and more — all in under five minutes.

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