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Nicolle Wallace Perfectly Explains How Trump Campaign Should Be Covered

Nicolle Wallace said that Trump should be covered not as a political candidate but as a national security risk.


Wallace talked about how Trump should be covered, “We cover him like the failed autocrat he is with a slew of potential criminal liabilities, a crop of national security risk and a steaming pile of political losses. The story of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate is uninteresting. But it’s a significant national security story. It’s one that is tied to the ever-expanding web of Trump’s own legal problems.”

Trump should be covered as a national security risk. His campaign should be viewed as a threat to American national security. He should not be giving speeches, holding rallies, and doing all of the things that candidates do because Donald Trump is not a normal candidate. He is someone who tried to overthrow the government while he was president.

In every single second of Trump coverage, the fact that this man who is positioning himself as a candidate for president tried to overthrow the government should never be allowed to be forgotten.

Nicolle Wallace was correct. Trump is boring as a candidate, but as a national security risk, defeating him should be the nation’s top priority.


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