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Nancy Pelosi to Announce Future Plans Today

Punchbowl News: “Let’s start with this: Pelosi took home two different speeches last night, one for each potential scenario, a source told us.”

“Pelosi, 82, could announce she’s stepping down from the leadership after a legendary, two-decade career leading House Democrats. This includes two stints as the first – and so far, only – female speaker in history.”

“Or Pelosi could say she feels compelled to run for Democratic leader once again, promising to transition the caucus to the next generation of leaders as she tries to win back the majority in 2024.”

Playbook: “Either way, the palace intrigue surrounding her announcement is quintessential Pelosi. Ever the meticulous planner, she has laid her chips down perfectly such that all today — and likely the entire weekend — will be about her historic career, upstaging Kevin McCarthy’s recent nomination for the speakership and Republicans’ House takeover.”

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