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Can You Say Goodbye To Boredom This Fall With Livebeam?

What good is a social media platform if it doesn’t save you from being lonely, bored, or in distress? According to research, tackling boredom is a major reason why people use social media, second only to keeping in touch with others. You pick up your mobile phone when you’re bored and scroll through the timelines of your different social media platforms. Other times, you try to communicate with other people in your leisure. It’s all a means to an end.

Livebeam is a communication platform that can make your choices even better. As a social media platform it provides communication features as well as that of entertainment, knocking out two birds with one stone.

As a platform, Livebeam upholds 2 major provisions:

  1. International communication
  2. Streaming entertainment

These are its strongholds to help the users avoid boredom and remain occupied.

1.   International Communication

Livebeam is an international space for communication. It is available to everybody who has access to the Internet. This means you can communicate with friends and family from all over the world. This is the primary aim of social media and Livebeam doesn’t fail in its duties.

Livebeam is a place to make new friends and acquaintances. The platform believes in integration; that there should be no barriers for people to communicate. This is why features have been created solely to improve communication. You can invite people over for a friendly chat with ease, get to know more about them, their culture, nation, or anything you have in mind at the time.

Finding your type of person to chat with on the platform has also been made significantly easier, with a search feature that allows you to input criteria which it would match to. This makes the first parts of the communication easier, as you already have some similar interests with the acquaintance.

The Livebeam community has lots of good listeners. Studies show that listening improves many types of relationships. On Livebeam, the contacts are glad to connect and have productive conversations that will all be worth your while.

2.   Streaming Entertainment

Another major purpose of social media is entertainment, and from the SLIM model of social media use, learning is also a purpose. These are the two effects that Livebeam meant to conquer when it introduced its streaming feature.

The Livebeam Streaming feature provides users of the platform a viewing experience at all times. This enables them to watch streams that could both entertain and educate them.

Livebeam streams may be very good at helping out with the boredom. Not everyone knows how to start a conversation, so the platform doesn’t leave such people hanging. Just like you have timelines to scroll through on other social media platforms, there are streams you can watch to keep you occupied.

The choice of having streams available stem from the fact that video is the most desirable type of content and will keep people more engaged during their leisure hours. These videos are constantly available and are not dependent on other users. There is no pressure to create your own streams as you can only watch streams on the platform.

How Does Livebeam Help With Boredom and Loneliness?

The answers to this question have already been mentioned above but we will take a quick dive into the strategy.

Livebeam’s first solution to boredom is to keep you in touch with people who mean something to you. This includes friends, business partners, close and distant relatives. The best of people are those who you already have a relationship and common ground with. With Livebeam, you can strengthen these relationships.

If you get bored of people you already know so much about, how about making a new friend? Livebeam’s diversity-inclined values believe that the more different we are, the more fun it is to communicate. Bored of your close circle and location? Then why not just get to know more about other places. During the pandemic era, people had virtual tours and travels to stay sane while staying indoors, others made distant friends online who provided them with amazing descriptions of places around them. You can get this same opportunity on Livebeam. You have access to people who have seen different parts of the world and you can have eye-opening conversations with them.

Boredom bred the common phrase “Netflix and Chill”, and this is because it was always comfortable to just watch a movie when you are bored. You can help yourself to the interesting and enlightening streams available to you on the platform. The streams were created majorly for entertainment to help yield emotions other than boredom and loneliness, and they work just well.

How Can You Optimise Livebeam?

Like every other social network out there, we have people who use them better than others. This can be seen through the number of followers, likes, contacts, or any other metrics the platform might be using. Livebeam doesn’t necessarily have metrics as it focuses on users’ satisfaction and not mere popularity.  However, there are ways to better use the site to satisfy your needs better.

The search feature is a great tool on the platform. You can use it to find well-suited acquaintances to invite to chat at your leisure. That further touches on the invite feature, where you can begin to build interests and conversations with other people.

Within the stream feature is another feature that helps you connect with people who have similar tastes with you when it comes to streams. During streams you can chat with others and start building a bond that you can then take to the private chats.

Taking advantage of these features will keep you on top of things and properly engaged, and there’s no better way to wave goodbye to boredom than being occupied with interesting activities.

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